Fix Your Belt In 5 Minutes

I might prefer to introduce you to one among my all time favorite style tools… the Leather Hole puncher ! Maybe you lost or gained some weight; maybe you discovered the proper belt at a thrift store, nevertheless it's a not the precise dimension; perhaps you want a Hole between two of the already present holes-regardless of the challenge is, this tutorial will show you methods to add nice spherical belt holes. Use a bit of scrap Leather beneath the belt, so that you're not hammering the punch right into the anvil. The new holes look barely more ragged around the edges, but using the belt will help to smooth them down.
Keep in mind, the additional eight-11″ in. will the be additional tail end of your belt that slips away in the belt loops of your pants whenever you wear it. You don't want this to be too long or too short; too long, and the belt will look too big, however too short, and the belt will look too small for you! After you have your piece formed the way you prefer it, go ahead and top-stitch your cloth Be certain your bobbin in addition to your spool of thread on prime are full enough you can stitch all around the border of your belt in a single go!

I'm a girl and an artist and I respect this DIY as a helpful instruction on tips on how to work with Leather. All things put aside, whether you are a feminist, a masculinist, a child, an artist, a novice, or whatever, this diy is beneficial for studying how one can make holes in Leather and Leather belts ;). My dad hasn't worked in Leather much, so he could not reply my questions. Thanks for the bit about sealing the outlet with a hot nail/axe, that'll make it look nice. I as soon as used a dental rubber dam punch to make an ideal extra Hole in my belt using the largest size.
I came throughout this Reddit guide awhile ago and was impressed to make my own pure shade Leather belt. I've all the time liked Tanner Items pure belt with black buckle however would never have the ability to justify spending $88 on a belt. That is not to say Tanner would not make amazing stuff, I'm just not the form of guy that spends an affordable meal shy of 100 bucks on one belt. All of the objects you may want ought to be obtainable locally at a Leather goods store or interest store.

After a few minutes I was in a position to make a Hole massive enough for me to power the belt buckle to undergo but it looked actually crappy and a bit embarrassing to put on in public. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half and put it behind the belt (or whatever Leather you're attempting to punch a Hole by means of) and THEN you punch it. Bam, excellent holes. But then again, in the event you simply need an extra Hole in your belt and you do not actually care how perfect it punches holes, this is still a great product.
What you would be higher doing is getting the buckle removed, some size faraway from the belt and then the buckle re-hooked up. Although I'd most likely shorten the belt also it is not like it's essential because you have got an additional inch on it now. I have used a hammer and a screwdriver to adjust for the diameter of the outlet as well. If the hole is not massive sufficient then change to a bigger number and simply screw it in, no need to make use of the hammer after the first time.
I warmth the nail over the stove, drive it with pliers, bend the belt on the outlet and smoothen edges with sand paper. Sadly, if you put much strain on it, the uneven Hole will enable the Leather to tear quite easily. Lay the belt down on a flat surface, mistaken aspect up. Measure how far aside the pre-cut belt holes are in order to place the brand new belt holes accurately. For the sake of aesthetics, you must put in holes up to the purpose of the specified closure level.

Use a ruler or measuring tape to seek out the distance between each Hole, then measure the same distance past the final Hole. Use heavy objects to maintain the belt taut, or have a pal pull the belt taut in entrance of you. Some thick belts may belt hole punch require sturdy fingers, or somebody to wiggle the taut belt backwards and forwards as you squeeze. Use a ruler to measure the spacing between the hole, then measure the identical distance past the last Hole.
Nicely unless its an expensive belt and also you want to retain the integrity of the made Hole. You possibly can additionally get one of many Leather punch from ebay and use it for other future Leather Hole making purposes. For those who resolve to make use of a drill remember to hold the belt down tight and safe, it'll spin round real quick if you don't. I used to do use a Leather punch as a result of my belts had been at all times half a notch too large or half a notch too small.

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