Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Signaturewraps originated in Canberra by two best mates who combined their obsessive love for cars and high end luxury car customisations. The quality of the surface preparation, the correct application of the sealant and subsequent care, inside or outside parking etc etc has a big bearing upon its longevity (or apparent longevity because if you keep topping them up with waxes and other addition sealants either via washing or spray and wipe methods they could appear to last a long time).
With 9 years providing exceptional service to our Brisbane customers, we've earned a reputation for quality. The coating protects against UV rays, chemicals, and car paint protection bird droppings. In Australia there are almost 19 million registered motor vehicles which all need protection from the elements to last as long as possible.

Ceramic Pro is a unique Nano-Ceramic based Paint Protection coating that forms a permanent adhesion to your factory paint work once applied by the professionally trained technician, protecting it indefintely against Bird Droppings, Tar, Tree Sap, UV, Oxidization, Industrial Fall Out and other harmful contaminants.
Thirdly, half the time you go through these things some friendly operator will be there and take to your car with a broom before you even get a chance to say no. That's at least a few hundred dollars damage in an instant if you want your paint back to what it was before you drove into the car wash.
I would definitely get it done again despite those shortcomings, since it makes the car far easier to keep clean, much less effort is required (just gliding the microfiber sponge over the paint is sufficient) and it really does seem to have obviated the need for any future polishing or waxing - at least in the time I will own the vehicle.

So again the Ceramic Pro is the best choice for people who are not willing or are unable to keep up a regular washing regime (or who keep up a regular regime but are either time restricted or don't want to spend too much time on it or want to drastically reduce the physical effort required).
Clear coat is not a protection coat as such. Ceramic Pro is not a wax, sealant or a paint protection like offered by car dealerships and other paint protection companies. Using a circular or back and forth motion, wipe the glass coating onto a panel, applying to one panel at a time.

Offering the ultimate in protection, gloss, scratch resistance and durability, Body Armour 9H takes the permanent paint protection concept to the next level. Ceramic car coating keeps the vehicle cleaner and shinier for longer. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a Nano-Ceramic Paint Protection that forms a permanent bond to the factory paint work protecting it permanently from environmental fall out.
A properly treated vehicle exhibits a high degree of self-cleaning abilities. Most people who research and hear from pros in the industry will tell them that if they do not have access to hp then most the time a 2 or 3 bucket wash is the way to go. You need to have proof that you washed the vehicle correctly and as often as they recommend.
Weak hair needs to be treated with care when you are using any kind of heated styling, especially when creating a range of hair styles using hair straighteners. The main thing with these coatings is they create a barrier impervious to environmental damage - except for abrasion.

In order to maintain your warranty, every 6 months your car is due for an inspection and minor detailing service. No, Unlike other Paint Protection products on the market Ceramic Pro forms a permanent bond to the factory paint work and is resistant to heavy chemical cleaners so you are free to use any car wash shampoo you like.
Some of these include car detailing, car window tinting, and car ceramic coating in Canberra. Polish and wax aren't necessary every time but will keep the car in good condition if done properly. Tourmaline is a coating added to plates to improve styling. We also practise what we preach and offer professional car detailing at our locations, so we're happy to provide you with expert advice, help and support.

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